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    Our Patients get special Privilege for their care through our team, leading doctors and accredited hospitals in our network.
    The Pre arrival services that we provide (anything you want to arrange yourself is welcome).
    Our crew organise consultation by accredited foremost doctors and hospitals which possess a powerful prestige and proper medical strategy, through teleconferencing or online consultation while you are at your home country and serve you in selection of medical facilities for your disease and calculation of the almost accurate costs of treatment services in different medical facilities and also the cost of other services.
    Dispatch your reports to different doctors and medical facilities for analysis then we in consultation with you together make a decision to decide the best doctor and hospital in the station of your choice based on your fiscal estimate.
    Get medical visa of the station country based on the period of stay required for treatment, your tour plan of wonderful tourist station and arrange follow ups.
    At all loco mote (step) we share evidence with you and your hospital and finally interlock a teleconferencing between you and your treating consultant for your satisfaction and comfort.
    Find out a best air ticket, local transport (if required ambulance) and accommodation for you near to the treating hospital. To have fine logistics and taxis are Pre-booked.
    We also possess language interpreter if required. We make sure that roadmap of all services is ready by the time the patient lands in station country.


The Dedicated customer making coordinator will also serve as the single point of contact for travel related services from the home country to destination country.
    Provide information on the process and paperwork required for medical visa.
    Assist in obtaining a visa request letter from hospital to process medical visa and obtain visa (subject to embassy approval) in their home country.
    Provide assistance with booking of air tickets and other necessary travel arrangement.
    Arrange for travel insurance, medical insurance, and foreign exchange as well as with other information or assistance a patient may related to travel.


    As Per the first arrangement, our team Picks up you from the airport and drops you the Hotel and thereafter takes you to hospital to seek consultation of the doctor and then gets you admitted in the hospital for further course of your treatment. We have CRM software to keep your referral doctor well informed about the progress of the treatment.
    Carryout the tour programme of the exotic tourist spots for the Patient and their attendants during the process of recovery of the patients as per the wish of the patient and the family.
    Help Patient making payments of his bills with the Hospital.
    Drop back to the Airport for return journey to your Homeland.
    Medical Travel to India follow up:- “ Always with you”
    After treatment when you return back your home we will coordinate with you in follow up treatment from home country through teleconferencing, live video conferencing, and various other means like Emails, Facebook, Whatsaap for free discussion between you, treating doctor and your local doctor.