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Da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System

Robotic Surgeries are Computer-Assisted Surgeries that are performed by a computer assisted robotic arm and are having much more precision than the normal surgeries and are less invasive.

Robotic Heart Surgeries :-
It is a minimally invasive robotic heart surgery by using state-of-the-art technology leading to greater benefits for patients as compared to open heart surgery.

These benefits include :-
Less blood loss and less risk of wound infections.
Less pain and scarring.
Short hospital stay and faster recovery.
These surgeries do not require an opening of the chest with an a long incision. Heart conditions including mitral valve prolapse, atrialseptal defect, atrialmyxoma and thrombi, coronary artery disease, and cardiac and thoracic tumors can be treated by this minimal invasive procedure.
Robotic radical prostectomy.
This operation is performed for treatment of prostate cancer.
Robotic organ transplantation.
Robotic surgeries are preferred usually in kidney, heart and gynecological operations.