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Treatment of cardiac diseases

Treatment of cardiac diseases by "Indo American Health" company

If you are agonized from any neurosurgical lawlessness, tribute us through email/web enquiry /phone call or whats app whichever is convenient to you along in imitation of a latest prescription of your doctor, logical reports showing the diagnosis of your sickness and it would be definitely obliging for us if you opt type of hospitals and new facilities.

  • Low budget hospitals and facilities
  • Medium budget hospitals and services
  • High budget hospitals and services.

We would linked to to reference here that even in our low budget and medium budget hospitals, treatment all right remains utterly high and events are ended by latest technology. We struggle to permit each tolerant and intimates devotee gone education, preserve and world-class medical care extending from his first visit until discharge. We are in addition to detached to offer personal services through integrated, team door taking care of your comfort and dexterously-visceral along behind all subsidiary considerations once a try of outstanding surgical outcomes even for the most puzzling and hard cases applying acid-edge of count, militant treatment options that were behind considered inconceivable, such as minimally invasive neurosurgery.

Neurosurgery Procedures We Do

  • Peripheral Nerve Surgery
  • Brain Aneurysm Surgery
  • Brachial Plexus Surgery
  • Minimally-Invasive Neurosurgery
  • Neurotrauma surgeries
  • NeuroVascular surgery
  • Brain Surgery
  • Neuro-Oncology
  • Spinal Surgery
  • Neuro-Endoscopy
  • Pituitary Tumors surgeries
  • Spinal Decompression Therapy