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The initial idea was to build a specialized home in the care of the elderly; however, the initiative evolved into the Center of Medical Specialties more projection in the region: the CIMA San Jose Hospital. When fulfilling 10 years, we have our major achievements in the field of medicine; feats-beyond health- have meant life for millions of patients and for us, many learning experiences and growth. Costa Rica has some of the best health indices throughout Latin America; In part, this achievement is due to the investment made by different state governments after the 50's. But also due in large part to the quality of the specialists in this country. Those are the doctors who, today, in our team: skilled professionals profound human qualities which, with the highest technology medically put their knowledge at the service of health and life of their patients, under strong ethical principles. His contribution to our International- Accreditation -unido places us at the level of the most renowned hospitals in the United States. These factors add to our strategic location and competitive advantages of the positioning of Costa Rica. In the CIMA San Jose Hospital we are ready to consolidate our position as leaders in the region in health tourism and well respond to the trend of a rapid increase in the adult population with residential needs and specialized medical care.

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