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Thailand has become world’s biggest medical tourism destination. Thailand welcomes 3 billion medical tourists every year. There are different reasons why Patients are appeal to Thailand with such a huge significance. Some major benefit to visit Thailand for medical Procedures is discussed below: Affordability: The major essential mission to acquire medical tourism is the affordability of the procedure. Thailand medical technique and treatment are approx. 40-70 %low-priced than those offered in Australia and US. While the cognition competency available in medical technology and facilities the difference in solely because of the cost of labour. Provided with the growing global awareness on Healthcare, this proves that cheaper in price doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality.
For Instance, here is a comparison of varied routine on the basis of cost in Australia and Thailand.
These are the wonderland realities that change the standpoint of medical tourism, which is lured by cheaper cost and no wait list with far improved technology and facilities provided.

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