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Brazil is a pioneer in medical tourism. Brazil was the first country with an institution outside the United States to be accredited by the Joint Commission International. Medical tourism to Brazil is expected to grow 45% in the next five years, benefiting from the country’s investment in infrastructure. With a booming economy, the country is making major investments in its infrastructure and tourism, Brazilian authorities are trying to showcase the country in a successful light and working hard to transform and reinforce the country’s image by turning it into a major tourism destination. This tourism boost will also greatly benefit the medical tourism industry. Currently the second largest marketplace in the world for cosmetic and plastic surgery, Brazil is a leader in the field with local plastic surgeons possessing outstanding reputations as some of the world’s best. Brazil is also a top medical tourism destination because of its rich culture, wide variety of tourist activities and world-class hospitals and medical facilities. Its attractiveness as a tourism destination is enhanced by its quality and affordable healthcare, friendly and warm people, great food, and paradisiacal beaches.

Key Strengths Of Brazil For Medical Tourism

  • Large number of JCI-accredited hospitals and institutions.
  • International reputation for excellence in cosmetic surgery.
  • Excellent quality of healthcare service in private hospitals and clinics in terms of technology and capability of health professionals.
  • Cosmetic surgery and dentistry with a growing reputation for orthopaedics, sports medicine, bariatric surgery and assisted reproduction.
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