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Various dental procedures are:

Dental Laser Whitening, Tooth Veneers, Tooth Contouring and Reshaping, Smile Designing / Makeover, Root Canal Treatment, Periodontic Treatment, Periodontics Root Planning, Mouth Tumors, Dental Crowns, Full Denture, Endodontics, Dental Implant or Fixed Teeth, Dental Bridges, Maxillofacial Surgery Bone Graft, Inlays / Onlays, Sinus Lift, Tooth Filling, Wisdom Tooth Extraction.

Root Canal Treatment

RCT is a surgical procedure which involves the treatment of infected pulp by cleaning out the diseased pulp ,reshaping the canal and filling of empty canals thereby saving the affected tooth. A laser procedure which ensures complete cleansing of infected root canals is the advanced technique of RCT that can be completed in one simple sitting. If you are going for the second procedure of root canal treatment, it requires more time, it is a more more time consuming because all the previous fillings in the canal and root area is required to be removed.

Dental Treatments

Days in Hospital

Procedure Cost (USD)

Procedure Cost (INR)

Teeth whitening




Instant teeth whitening




Root Canal Treatment




Gum Contouring


cost of dental implant varies with the type of implant chosen (Starting -160 USD)

cost of dental implant varies with the type of implant chosen (Starting -9600 INR)

Dental Implants




Ceramic Inlay/ Onlay


150 per/tooth

9000 per/tooth

Smile Makeover

3-4 days

330 per tooth

19800 per tooth

Resin veneers 


USD 195 per tooth.

INR 11700 per tooth

All on Four


9000 per jaw

540000 per jaw



cost varies from individual to individual. (2300)

cost varies from individual to individual. (138000)



USD 550- USD 600.

INR 33000 - INR 36000

The charges mentioned in the above packages are just an estimate and are subject to change, depending on the medical problem and condition of the patient. These are not final packages as post-surgical complications also have a say in the actual bill.


Apicoectomy is the process through which the root tip and its surrounding infected issues of an infected tooth is removed.

Peridontal Flap Surgery

Dental Implant

A dental implant is a surgical fixture that is placed into the jawbone and allowed to fuse with the bone over the span of a few months. Most dental implants are made of titanium, which allows them to integrate with bone without being recognized as a foreign object in our body. Over time, technology and science have progressed to greatly improve the outcomes of dental implant placement.

We have three options in tooth replacement

Reconstructive Dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry is that part of dentistry which addresses full mouth tooth replacement.

Cosmetic Smile Designing

It basically is a balanced smile with proper positioning of the teeth or teeth without any stains on them or any gaps in them. Lasers have brought a revolution in the surgical dentistry also. Now a patient can go through a surgical dental treatment without experiencing the pain of needles or stitches. This diode dental laser helps in the treatment of various soft tissue procedures easily. A laser dental treatment is less- invasive but offers great results. Such a treatment needs less anesthesia and thus is more comfortable making the recovery and healing also quicker.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

The aim of this surgery is to correct a large variety of defects, injury and diseases present in face, head, hard and soft tissues, jaws, oral and maxillofacial region and the neck. People opt for this surgery who suffering from different conditions such as facial pain, misaligned jaws and wisdom teeth.

Crown And Bridge

Both crowns and most bridges are fixed prosthetic devices. Unlike removable devices such as dentures, which you can take out and clean daily, crowns and bridges are cemented onto existing teeth or implants, and can only be removed by a dentist.